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Trevor Southey

Trevor Southey was born in Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe) in 1940. His African heritage can be traced to European colonists who settled in Cape Town, South Africa in the 17th century. In 1965, he emigrated to the United States, retaining an abiding sense of his African and British origins. Southey's formal training includes two years at the Brighton College of Art in Sussex, England; a year in Durban, South Africa; and two degrees obtained from Brigham Young University (1967 and 1969). He taught at the University through 1977 and has since pursued his career independently, although he remains deeply interested in art education giving occasional workshops particularly in drawing. Many major commissions in various parts of the country and Britain in painting and sculpture have dominated his production in the last few years, demonstrating the rapid growth of interest by an ever widening group of collectors. These are, for the most part, etchings which are out of print and therefore not available on the open market. They also have the distinction of being a matched set. As such, they should command a premium.
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